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The Head Teacher's welcome

 Trin Jefferson, Head TeacherOur school is a vibrant, forward-thinking environment where we treat all our students as individuals and place their needs at the centre of all that we do. Our students need constant and consistent support and we provide this by showing how to build positive and respectful relationships. Our purpose-built school creates a safe haven where our students are provided with minute-by-minute day time support, a structured learning environment and outstanding behaviour management.

Our therapeutic focus ensures that we listen, we celebrate difference, and we resolve conflict in a supportive and safe setting.

Our absolute aim is for each student to reach their full potential, despite their challenging personal histories. We support our students to develop their academic and personal skills to enable them to become responsible adults contributing confidently to their communities.

We know that many of our students come with a past and we empower them to leave with a positive future.

  • We nurture
  • We are consistent
  • We treat children as individuals and do what is best for each of them
  • We listen
  • We treat everyone equally
  • We celebrate difference and develop a sense of empathy
  • We never give up
  • We set high standards and encourage aspiration
  • We don’t use reward systems
  • We don’t punish or threaten
  • We challenge bullying immediately
  • We model appropriate behaviour and respectful relationships
  • We use a lot of praise
  • We design our curriculum to meet students’ needs
  • We work flexibly to meet individual student’s needs
  • We focus on developing the social and independent living skills that students will need to lead happy adult lives
  • We use conflict resolution - we achieve discipline through talking
  • We prioritise safeguarding
  • We exclude only in the interests of our students’ safety, and keep exclusions as short as possible
  • We work closely with families and carers
  • We believe in rehabilitation
  • We change lives.

We are incredibly proud of our school community and always welcome families and visitors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries or questions. 

Trin Jefferson, Head Teacher